Hey everyone! If you’re taking the time to read my English course website, I at least owe you a presentation.

I am Joe Zein, a Lebanese student at GaTech majoring in Computer Engineering. As an outgoing and outdoor person, I enjoy playing all kind of sports, but specially basketball (Go Jackets!).

To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled by the idea of keeping a blog, since writing isn’t my best skill, but after great reflection, I got myself to see the bright side of it.

I now see this blog as an opportunity to freely speak my mind, to get to know myself by putting my thoughts into words; a space to create an emotional connection to the information I receive on a daily basis; and specially an opportunity to sit down and take time to reflect on what I learned and how I work.

Through this blog, I hope to learn how to communicate science to my community in a relevant, engaging, persuasive and memorable way. I trust that with time and experience, I will be able to create an effective message about my work and thus receive constructive feedback from my audience.

I am excited to integrate my ideas with those of others, as I am confident that interacting with my peers through WordPress will broaden my understanding of scientific matters and give me an insight into other ways of life and thinking.

As a future computer engineer, I also promise to make the most out of this assignment to learn useful technical skills!

Overall, I aim to share the peaks and valleys of university life and life abroad. I am fully committed to live the American dream, so ride along!