2- Black Tux, Black tie and brushed hair… this man must be an expert!


Another persuasive, science-related technique is the choice of a suited man. Wearing a black tuxedo, brushed hair, shaved beard and a black tie, he looks very formal and thus, comforting. In the video, his straight posture and his body language make him confident, eloquent and convincing. In fact, whether he is a scientist, a pharmacist or a simple health counselor, this guy seems to be trustworthy and informed. He employs words like “keeping YOUR teeth STRONG for longer”, emphasizing on those that would make us feel safe and in good hands.


Moreover, the background reminds us of a pharmacy, which is a familiar and pleasing context: we identify ourselves in it. But the most interesting point about this pharmacy is that the only product displayed on its shelves is Listerine. Yes, Listerine is everywhere, Listerine is the greatest, YOU need to have it!