1- MEDIfacts? This must be serious, let’s see.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 10.40.11 AM.png

Medifacts is an advertising firm who is sponsored by the manufacturer of a product in order to produce an advertisement. “It’s different from traditional advertising as it focuses on providing rational information about healthcare products […] it provides a detailed explanation to shoppers. In particular, MediFacts draws shoppers’ attention to facts that weren’t previously known. We like to think that MediFacts treats shoppers with respect by providing useful information that helps when it comes time to decide which product to purchase.” – http://www.medifacts.com.

The ad begins with the MediFacts logo and background music. The logo presents a body with extended arms, open legs and some geometrical forms, which reminds us of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. It makes allusion the optimal human, the one with the picturesque anatomy, the one everyone would like to be.


The choice of colors and font is also prominent. “MEDIfacts” is displayed in the middle with an emphasis on the term MEDI in red uppercase. The red color generally reminds us of blood and increases one’s heart rate and blood pressure, thus stimulating decision-making. The blue background is a wise choice as well: it reminds us of the doctor’s scrub, of health, sanitary and wellness. This specific use of colors in the beginning strongly highlights the medical character of what is coming next.


Even though people might not be familiar with MEDIfacts, the beginning of the ad makes it looks like a serious matter: and voila, Listerine has now the attention of the public!