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Monday 11/28: work on artifact 1

In-class Artifact analysis: Transforming tech Science

During the 1101 English course, we designed many projects that have developed our rhetorical awareness as writers. In many situations, we had to reflect about our target in relationship to our audience. What are we trying to say? Who do we want to say it to? How are we going to reach this audience in a relevant way? What matters to them so we can bet on it? We had thus to make many choices and analysis (kind of customer study) prior to composing.

The transforming tech Science project is a great example demonstrating how we had to work and reflect extensively on the rhetorical value of our text.  This project required searching for a scientific event/project communicated to the public here at Georgia tech, analyzing it, and creating a new document who has a different purpose and so a different audience and accommodate the genre.

The first thing we had to do was of course finding a document and analyze it. The document that caught our attention was a flyer on a bulletin board in CULC, offering 20$ to those who were interested in volunteering as subjects for a brain research test. The document was clearly targeting students by offering a symbolic amount of money. Hence, their purpose is clear: trying to get LAB rats for their research. In fact, we visited their website and there was nothing directed to the general public. It was more like a research journal, displaying their research results in a very sophisticated and technical way: their purpose was purely research-driven.
Wednesday 11/30: Work on Intro and stance.

On the 16th of August 2016, my plane landed on the American territory. That wasn’t the first time I visit the United States of America; however, that was my premiere as a resident here. My gut was hurting; I was shaking a little bit and I was nervous and jumpy about the idea of moving. In fact, I knew that as an international student, the transition was full of challenges and adversity. Besides homesickness and the huge academic workload, I was anxious about the language. Yes, the English language. Generally, it takes me decades to write few lines: How am I going to write papers? How I am going to do the readings when it takes me more than 5 minutes to read a page? How am I going to speak, communicate and give presentations with my Frenchie/Arab accent…? All these thoughts were coming to my mind like a ship confronting the ocean’s furious waves. I was tremendously scared and apprehending. However today while there are still areas to improve, I am confident that I’ve spanned the gamut of basic writing skills. Through trials in various genres and mediums throughout the semester, I have learned to progressively build up an effective -reader-oriented-  argument and I’ve been familiarized to this process.