Spinning Science


Using science in advertisement is one of the most powerful ways to earn credibility- and customers.

In fact it seems that it is not the best quality product that generates the highest profit, but the product that is thought to be the best by the public. It is the communication of the product to the audience that actually makes the difference: how is it presented, whom is it targeting… Hence, advertisement intends to inform and persuade us, customers, that the product presented is flawless, super-efficient, a must have.

Nevertheless, an ad must be realistic and plausible enough to be accepted and not laughed at: and this is the purpose of using science in advertisement.


When it comes to healthcare products and paramedics, what better than science can convince the public to choose a product over another? “Clinically proven” is understood to be the most effective sales pitch. Listerine is a worldwide leading brand in mouthwash products. The company surely owns its success to their exclusive funds for advertisement and media: it boosts their sales, magnetizes customers and gives them the market’s monopoly.


Science and its representation to the uninformed public are unmistakable in Listerine’s advertisements. Their rhetorical strategy mainly relies on ethos and logos that drive us to purchase their products. Let’s take a closer look into one of their ads and analyze it’s rhetorical components!