Video Project Reflection


  • Describe your process: which steps did you find most effective?


I first started writing a script of what I wanted to discuss (bullet points). Once the script was printed, I thought about the scenes I wanted to film, and I’ve assigned to each point of the script keywords reflecting the scene to film at this moment. This was really effective because I was able to film all the scenes at the same time which earned me a lot of time. Finally I had to do the editing which was an easy task since I am used to do it.



  • What parts of your project are you most satisfied with and why?


At first when I was just done with the script, I was planning on putting some images and record my voice in the background. However, I thought this wasn’t neither creative nor personal enough; showing is stronger than telling. So I gave it some time and then came up with more expressive scenes that showed better the points I wanted to prove.



  • If you could redo any part of your process or product, what would you change and why?


If I had more time to work on my project, I would have used better techniques of filming. In fact filming with my cellphone wasn’t really accurate and it didn’t give the best image quality. Moreover, I think I could’ve improved the audio (adding some background music and using a more developed microphone for the voice recording).