Work in Progress

Businesses and industries spend decades in research developing products and services to sell them to consumers. Each year, many millions are invested in order to reach the most optimized and developed technology.

However it seems that it is not the best product in quality that makes the biggest profit, but the product that is thought to be the best one in the public.

In fact, the communication of the product to the people is what actually makes the difference; how it is presented, who it is targeting…

Advertisement is a commercial solicitation that is a form of communication designed to sell some commodity or service. It is one of the most important aspects in the successful marketing of a certain good.

Advertisement is intended to inform and persuade an individual that the product in question is flawless and super-efficient, the product he has to have.

However, an ad must be realistic and believable in order to be accepted and not taken as a witticism. The use of science in advertisement is one of the most powerful ways to earn credibility and to be plausible.


When it comes to healthcare products and paramedics, who better than science can convince the public to choose a product over another. “Clinically proven” is thought to be the most effective sales pitch. Listerine is a worldwide foremost brand in mouthwash products. The company actually spends a lot on its advertisements, which in my opinion boost their sales, and gives them the market monopoly.


Science and its representation to the uninformed public are obvious in Listerine’s advertisements.